Pat Collins - Past Pupil

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by Conor Lane Age 9

Where were you born?
Clonakilty town

What year were you born?

Where did you go to school?
Clonakilty Boy’s school



Did you always want to be a teacher?

Were there other teachers in your family?
Yes, my auntie Mrs Nolan in Darraragh School

Did you get married?
Yes in 1971

Did you have children?
Four girls and one boy

Were they teachers?

When did you retire?




By Seán Hargaden age 9

1952 – 2009
A School life has changed so much since Mr. Pat Collins began school in 1952.  Here are some of the changes he told us about.



Cian Scally Age 9

When Pat Collins was small he walked to school. In the morning he would see horses and donkeys pulling carts going to the creamery. The teacher would come into school very early in the morning to light the fire so that the boys would not be cold. The boys had ketchup bottles made of glass and they used to keep these warm by the fire. If the bottles got very warm the cork sometimes popped and gave everyone a fright.
The boys used to write on slates in the junior classes. By 5th and 6th class they would use ink and wells. The boys used to bring their lunch in wrapped in newspaper. When they were finished they used this paper to make footballs.
Mr. Collins liked school.

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